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Life of my favorite lead singer...
                BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG

General Facts
*Born February 17, 1972
*Hometown is Rodeo(Row-day-oh), California
*Real hair color is reddish brown
*Is married to Adrienne Nesser
*His children are Joesph Marciano, born March 1995, and Jakob Danger, born September 1998.
*Drives a black BMW convertible
*Plays the guitar, Harmonica, drums, piano, mandolin, and saxophone.


*Billie suffers from panic attacks
*He use to have a nose ring
*His cat Zero died is his washing machine
*Billie was born on national Cabbage Day
*During the music video "Jaded", he is stoned
*He likes is hair crunchy
*Billie doesn't wear underwear...unless he is going to wear his leopard thong.
*He did go blond for a little while this year, but it didn't last long. 


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