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East Bay Boys

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My Dedications

This site is dedicated to everyone who helped create it.

  Webmaster/Founder: St Jimmy's Girl               Webmaster:Whatsername


  First and for most, I dedicate this site to my parents who took me to my first Green Day concert. 
  Second, I would like to dedicate this to all my friends who have had to put up with my Green Day obsessions: Ryan, Nolanna and Samantha, Anthony S, EJ, Anthony B, Kristina, Leah, Cat, Tara, Gabriel, Quinton, Tiffany G, Brittany W, and Brittany R.
   Third, I would like to make a special dedication to Shelby. She is also a Green Day fan. And my cousin Melaney, even though she doesn't like Green Day, she's the one person I can always talk to about anything, or almost anything.
   And last, but absolutely, possitively, definitely not least, I would like to dedicate this site to all the members of Green Day: Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, Jason W, and Jason F, because without them, I wouldn't have a website.
                      Green Day Forever,
                               ---St Jimmy's Girl
This site, however, is NOT dedicated to the following:
*People who hate Green Day
*People who insult Green Day
It just makes sense:)


My first dedication goes out to St Jimmy's Girl who started this site in the first place, and her big heart for Green Day. 
My second dedication goes out to my parents who bought me my first cd.... sadly they haven't taken me to a green day concert... *tear tear*
My third and all-time dedication goes out to Green Day for opening my eyes to the real world and to the beautiful music that they play..
My fourth dedication goes out to Brandon... even though we are now apart he opened my eyes to the "old-school" Green Day... I will forever think of that... Thanks Brandon for opening my eyes.

"Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU...."
       -Billie Joe Armstrong, San Antonio concert, and probably a lot of others.