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Billie Joe-Love is in da Air
                  Written by Mrs.Billie.Joe.Armstrong

you can't believe it!!!!!!! you've wanted to get back stage pass to one of the greenday concerts for years! and your mum just gives you one for your birthday!!!!!. you scream and hug your mum so tight she starts to lose her breath. you pull your self away and apologize. "sorry. AHHHHHHHHHHH IHAVE FUCKING BACKSTAGE PASSES !!!!!!!!!!" you couldn't keep it in any longer. luckily your mum doesn't care about you swearing. that nite you lie in bed and find it impossible to sleep. instead you find yourself staring at the ticket before you until 7:00am.
*one week later, after the show*
you walk up to the guard at the backstage door and proudly show him your backstage pass.
"you got any ID" he grunts.
"yup" you reply as you search through your bag for your purse.
5mins later you still can't find your purse!.
"if you can't find any ID, i cant let you pass"
"what!" you scream
just at that moment the backstage door opens and billie joe walks out with a concerned look on his face.
"whats happening out here. is everything OK"
you try to talk but absolutly no words come out.
"this girl has a backstage pass but she cant find her pass. so shes got no ID"the security guard grunts to the extremly hansome figure.
"i.... i... i think sumone sto...stole it"u just manage to whisper
a small smile crosses the stars face.
"who cares,let her in dude"billie joe says
"come on then" he says looking at you. you keep looking in to his eyes. they're so beautiful.
"oh rite" u say blushing
he laughs, his laugh makes you melt inside.
"dont worry, i don't bite" he says , laughing again.
and for some reason after he said that you felt more comfortable around him and know you can be yourself.
you follow him into the backstage room were tre and mike are loungeing aroung.
billie joe introduces them to you.
after you get comfortable around them you act as if you guys have knowen each other for ages.
you talk and laugh and drink until about 3:ooam
"fuck!" you say as you look at your watch.
"what"they all say in unison
"um, i really have to go, my mums gona go psyco at me"
" woah" billie joe says looking at his watch "i thought it was 10:00 or something. well i geuss they do say , time flys when your having fun." he laughs and stares into your eyes. you can feel your legs tremble under the romance in his eyes. "hey...well it was so cool meeting and we are here for another month cause we have more shows um could we exchange phone numbers"
"me and tre would like to catch up with you again aswell, um waddaya say" says mike.
"sure" you say with a smile on your face.
it takes a good 5 mins to get the phone numbers down, and then you give all three of them a peck on the cheek and a hug. they watch you as you walk away.
"call me" billie joe yells after you.
you turn around and start walking backwards" i promise!"
*the next day*
*ring ring*
you wake up at 12pm to your phone ringing
"(yawn) hello?"
"oh hey its billie joe. um sorry did i wake you up?"
"oh! billie joe, um, hi , um ya but i don't care it was time to wake up anyways"
you both laugh at the completely worthless joke that wasn't even a joke.
"cool, um i was wondering wether you were free today or not?"
"oh right, i'm going to the movies with my friend paris and her boyfriend marc. but you can come to. infact i really want you to come cause then i'll have sum one to talk to whilst they flirt and make out continuously"
"lol, ok i'll come. so how did it go with your mum"
"oh luckily she went to sleep at 10:00 so i just told her that i got home at 11:00 and she was cool with that"
"cool. lol, i still don't no your name"
"oh yea you don't do you, lol, well its ______ anyways"
"for what"
"for being so perfect"
after that there was a long silence
you spoke first
"thanks, um well my address is ______________ pick me up at 3pm and... well... yea."
"okay, bye" you can hear him smile through the phone
you smile back "bye"
and you both hang up.
*2:45* ...
"fuck it... wheres my cell phone!"
"its on the bench in the kitchen!" your mum yells from down stairs.
"thanks" you reply.
*ding dong*
you rush down to the door.
"hey , um, you ready" billie joe says to you
"yup i'll just grab my cell phone, one moment" you reply on the way to the kitchen.
"mum, its not there!!!" you yell
"well then i dont no where it is" she replys
" oh fuck it" you utter to your self "billie joe can i use your cell phone cause i can't find mine" you say with puppy eyes.
he laughs and you smile.
"sure anything for you your majesty" he says with a short giggle
''lets go''
*at the movies*
you, billie joe , paris and marc decied to go to a horror movie
"tehehe mabe in the sex scenes we can make out" marc says smoothly to paris
"sure, sugar, hehe" paris giggles and they start to kiss
"oh mi god" you say to yourself and the other three.
"what, its natural, lol" marc says to you
"ok wat eva do wat u want, its none of my bisnus anyways, lol" you say in the middle of laughing.
*in the movie about 1/4 of the way through*
"why don't you show me your bedroom, gary" the lead actress abby says to her boyfriend. gary and abby start kissing and slowly take each others clothes off untill they're only in their underwear.
you feel a hand lay itself on your lap.
you at the time are wearing a mini skirt.
you look at the hand and then at billie joe.
he looks straight into your eyes and ever so slowly his vision wonders to your lips.
he starts moving towards you.
in that moment that his warm subtle lips locked on to yours there was no one else in the room and the background was just a blur, all you could see was billie joes face and shut eyes.
when his lips came away from yours everything suddenly went back into focus. a smile spread across his face. you smile back at him.
*after the movie*
you walk out of the cinema. billie joe has his one of his arms around you. so you lay your head on his shoulder.
"can i show you something" billie joe whispers delicately into your ear.
"sure" you reply
you say your good byes to marc and paris and billie joe leads you away.
he takes you to a taxi and you hop in with him. he takes you to his hotel room and into the bedroom.
"make yourself comfortable" he says with a smile
and walks out of the room.
you take off your jacket and sit down on the edge of the bed.
he walks back in and hands you a little box.
you smile as to whats inside.
he smiles to.
"do you want to?" he says quietly
you look at the condom in the box and smile
"anything for you your majesty" you reply with a smile
he climbs on top of you. you both stare into each others eyes.
"i've never been in love this quickly. infact it usually takes me a good month before i go to bed with them. lol!"
you smile at him
"well i've wanted to do this with you as long as i can remember"
a huge grin spreads across his face
he starts to kiss down your neck and gets to your clevage and looks up at you.
"mmmm, you taste like cinnamon''
"oh yea, um" you laugh "i had a bath with rose petals and cinnamon, its supposed to calm your senses" you say
"well, dont worry , you taste delicious" he says
he starts to unzip your top and ever so slowly takes it off.
then he sits up (dont worry hes still on top of you) and undus the first button on his top.
"why, dont you want me anymore" he says with a cute sad puppy face.
"lol, ya i still want you, but unbuttoning your top is my job"
after you slide his top off your skirt and your bra
and then you slowly take off his pants. he smiles at you
"are you sure you want to do this, i mean, i can be pretty fiesty when the occasion comes 'round"
"ya im sure babe"
you start to kiss him and he responds with a bit of tongue.
"you have a tint off alcholol taste in your mouth"
"you taste like strawberries in your mouth"
"hmm, yes well alcholol and strawberries don't really mix do they" you say to him and giggle.
"except in martini's" he replys
"ah well i geuss we are a martini then"
you both laugh.
he slowly takes you pants off and you take off his.
''now for the last time are u sure you..."
"yes i am!!!, now wheres that condom"
your hand picks it up beside you.
"do you want to do the honors or should i"
"what eva suits you"
after the condoms on you both.........
******well best leave that part of the story to you, let your imagination run wild*****

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