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This page is where I will post messages that Green Day has sent out to the fans. (I'm not in contact with the band, I'm just posting messages that are passed along.)



"For us, everything that we do is completely, 100 percent passion- and energy-driven, so however we're going to come out with our next album, just be certain it's going to be an event, not just putting a record out. At this point, to put a record out with like 12 songs on it and turn it in sounds a bit boring for us. So we want to definitely make something that is well thought-out and [that] all of our blood is put into."

"Hello everybody its been a while since we filled you all in to what's going on in Green Day world. We finished touring at the begining of the year and have all taken some much needed vacation. We have started to get together and work on a bunch of cool projects. It is a very creative time for us and we look forward to working on them for the next year or so. We will be sure to keep you all updated as to what is going on. Everyone is doing great and we are enjoying the time at home. We are humbled by all the support everyone around the world has shown us over the last two years. But most of all we want to thank you all as fans for being the best damn fans in the world!! We really appreciate it. Thank you!... Billie, Mike, Tre."