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East Bay Boys

Billie's Forgotten Daughter
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Chapter 1 

It had been sixteen years since that day, and Billie had already forgotten all about Lily. He was now happily married and had two beautiful children. Green Day was now one of the most popular bands in the world with the release of their album American Idiot.

"Hey Billie! Hurry up! We go on stage in five minutes!"; Mike yelled. Billie was still in his dressing room lying on the couch looking at a picture of Adrienne. "Billie! Did you hear me? Hurry up!"; "Yeah I heard you, I'm coming."; Billie got up and opened the door. Mike was still standing there. He hooked his arm around Billie's neck and walked him over to the stage entrance door where Tre was standing. "Good you're out,"; Tre said with a smile, "Any longer in there and I would have thought you were dead."; "Very funny Tre,"; Billie said. "What's wrong Billie?"; Mike asked, " You don't seem like yourself."; "It's nothing, I just miss Adrienne."; Their entrance music started. "I'm glad that's all it is because that's our queue,"; Tre said, and ran on stage. Billie and Mike followed him.

Billie did his route of grabbing his guitar and then standing on an amplifier, commanding total attention from the crowd who cheered in his presents. As he looked around, he noticed a girl in the mosh pit. She wasn't cheer clapping, or anything for that matter. She just stood there with no expression on her face. "Gosh what a creepy child,"; Billie thought to himself as he jumped off the amplifier and started playing American Idiot.

The show went on, and still the girl did not move. Occasionally she changed positions like crossing her arms or something, but even so, she still had no expression. Billie was getting more freaked out by the minute.

During the break, Billie pulled Mike aside. "Mike, there's this chick out in the audience who is freaking me out. She's just standing there, not moving or anything."; "Well, maybe she just got dragged here by someone else. Maybe she didn't want to come,"; Mike said trying to ease Billie's thoughts. "Mike you don't understand. I've seen a statue with more character than her. Maybe I'm just not seeing her when she moves or something. Just watch her for a little bit, maybe I'm just imagining things."; "Oh okay, but I'm just doing this to shut you up. You already have enough on your mind, you don't need anything else bothering you now,"; Mike said as he walked back on stage.

Billie and Mike watched her for the next half of the show. Billie noticed that she had kind lightened up since the break. She wasn't dancing or jumping around, but she now smiled and clapped at the end of every song. He kept wondering if it was a coincidence that now that Mike since was watching she changed her attitude. No, how could she have known what he had said backstage. "Maybe I was imagining things... maybe.";

"I didn't see anything wrong with her Billie,"; Mike said after the show. "She changed, she changed after the break,"; Billie said in protest. "Whatever you say, just get yourself together before we meet the fans,"; Mike said as he went into his dressing room and closed the door. "I'M NOT CRAZY MIKE!!!"; Billie yelled, but Mike didn't respond.

When everything was being packed up, Billie went outside so he could go for a drive. His car was parked on the side of an almost "dead"; street. Hardly any cars were going down it. Billie was about to cross the street when someone came up behind him. "Hello,"; a voice said. Billie spun around faster than lightening. It was her