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East Bay Boys

Billie's Forgotten Daughter
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Chapter 2


"It's you!"; Billie said startled. The girl looked confused. "You know me?"; Billie didn't know what to say. "Uhh... ummm... No... never mind. Sorry chick but I've got to go,"; Billie said. He turned back around and was about to cross the street to get to his car when the girl grabbed his arm and pulled him pack. "What's your problem girl?"; Billie yelled. No sooner had he said that, the girl pointed down the road. Billie looked over. A car came speeding out of nowhere and crashed right into Billie's car. Billie's eyes widened in shock. He turned back to the girl. "I don't believe I caught your name.";

After the wreckage had been cleared and Billie had dealt with the police, they finally got back to talking. "Alexis is it? Well, you are forever in my heart. You saved my life today... Wait, how did you know that that car was coming?"; "I just... knew,"; Alexis said. "Oh just one of those things, like... instinct,"; Billie said. "I always do those kinds of things. It's like I'm psychic or something."; "Okay, now you're just freaking me out,"; Billie said with a puzzled look on his face, "... You've had a long day. You probably should go home. Your parents are probably worried."; She looked away from Billie. "I don't have any parents."; "Oh... I didn't know, I'm sorry,"; Billie said sympathetically. "Yeah, Mom said that my dad was a jerk, so she left him before I was born. She never told me who he was, said it wouldn't matter. Always said that if God wanted me to find him, fate would bring me to him. Mom and her ethics, I didn't believe her most of the time."; " And what happened to your mom?"; Billie asked. "She hated me. When I was thirteen, my personal ethics began to change. She tried to change me, but I was too stubborn to listen. When she got aggravated with me she always used to scream, "YOUR JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER!!!"; I guess he was a lot like me or something. I guess she hated him too. Anyway, she finally cracked a couple of years ago and killed herself. I guess I was too much of a burden for her too handle. It's funny, not even her "beliefs"; stopped her from doing something her religion said was wrong. Suicide is "horrible"; sin in her world, you know. "Really,"; Billie said, "You learn something new everyday. By the way, what was your mom's name?"; Alexis turned back around and looked straight into Billie Joe's eyes.