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East Bay Boys

Billie's Forgotten Daughter
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Chapter 3

"Lily... Why does that name sound so familiar?" ; Billie thought to himself. "Lillian really, people just called her Lily for short. Mom even named me after her, Alexis Lillian Jackson." ; "LILLIAN JACKSON!" ; Billie exclaimed, "SHE'S YOUR MOM?" ; He looked at Alexis. Why didn't he see it before? She had his brownish-red hair and even his green eyes. But unlike him, she had straight hair and was tall for a girl, clearly like her mother. "Yeah, what you know her or something?" ; "KNOW HER? IF IT WASN'T FOR ME, YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE!" ;
"Are you saying that... You're my... Dad?" ; Billie wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. "After all these years, all this time, I notice a girl in the audience that's looks like she's stalking me, and then to find out that her mother happens to be the same chick that walked out on me 16 years ago that I had already forgotten about! And on top of that, a car almost killed me, AND my friends my friends think I'm going crazy! THIS DAY HAS BEEN SO SCREWED UP!
"Whoa, in English please," ; Alexis said, "but I think I heard something about you knowing my mom." ;
"Yeah, Alexis, unless your mom has any other kids, I think I'm your dad." ;
Billie didn't know what to think or how to feel. He didn't know if he should be happy that he found his long lost daughter, sad that she never knew and that he had forgotten about her, or scared of Adrienne's reaction because he never told her.
"Two questions: Why did Mom hate you and why didn't you look for me?" ;
Billie had never been in this situation before and wasn't sure what to tell her.
"I suppose you want the truth." ;
"The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." ;
"Great... Well, to start off with, I'm sure you know about the Gilman." ;
"Yeah, your band played there before you got big." ;
"Right, That's where I met your mother... ";
(Billie rambles on for ten minutes or so)
"... And then she said she didn't want to have a kid so, I suggested an... ";
"Abortion," ; Alexis said with a sigh, "She hated me before I was even born. Why DIDN'T she have an abortion?" ;
"Religion she told me. She didn't "believe"; in abortions." ;
"Sounds just like Mom," ; Alexis said with a small giggle.
"And had I known what happened to Lily after she walked out on me, I would have come looking for you." ;
"Really?" ;
"Really." ; Billie said in reply.
There was a long silence, both thinking about what to say next.
"... Soooo, you live alone?" ;
"Yeah, sometimes at friends houses." ;
"What would you say about an adoption?" ;