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East Bay Boys

Billie's Forgotten Daughter
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Chapter 7

Billie walked all around town for two hours. He still couldn’t comprehend what all had happened that day. He was very sad, yet very puzzled.


“Who was Adrienne talking about? Who is “she?” Surely it’s not…no it can’t be. Alexis said she was dead.”


It was getting dark, so Billie decided to stop at a diner that was conveniently just a couple of yards away. He went in and sat down at the soda bar and put his head down. He was tired and he had a headache, but he didn’t want to go home and face an empty house. A waitress came up to him to take his is order.


“What’ll it be?”


Billie picked his head up a bit.


“A coffee.”


“Sure coming right…Billie Joe Armstrong?! Is that you? It been a while.


Billie picked his head up again and looked at her.


“Yeah it’s me. Do I know you?”


“Well, sure ya do. You don’t remember me. I’m not surprised,” the waitress said in a cheerful voice.


Billie looked at her name tag. Lily. Billie’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he was reading.


“Lily! Lillian Jackson?!”


“Hey, you do remember me! Oh, I was reading the paper. My gosh all the things that have been happening to you!”


But Billie wasn’t listening.


“No, you can’t be Lily.”


“Well sure I am. I’m right here aren’t I?”


“But…but…no, no…you aren’t her. Lily Jackson is dead. She killed herself.”


“Really, how sad. Must have been another Lily Jackson then.”


“But, your daughter…she told me you were dead.”


“My daughter? My daughter has never met you.”


“She did. And Alexis hunted me down. She said you had died and she wanted to know her father.”


“Alexis? That’s not my daughter’s name.”


“It’s not?”


“No, ELISA! Could you come here please?”




A girl came out from the back room of the restaurant. She was carrying a tray in her hand and trying to put something in her pocket.


“Coming Mother, what did you…”


She looked up and dropped her tray.


“Billie Joe Armstrong?!”


She slowly walked up to him. He noticed that this girl was almost like Alexis, but not quite. Elisa had curly, brown hair with a hint of red, green eyes, and was way taller than Lily and him. She shook his hand.


“It’s a real pleasure to finally meet you, Dad, or do you not want me to call you that?”


“No, no, it’s fine. So you’re my REAL daughter?”


“Yep, I’ve been waiting for the day when I got to meet my dad.”


Elisa smiled.


Billie smiled back. He turned to Lily.


“You’ve changed a bit,” he said.


“I know. I’ve grown up.”


So, you’re not the overly obsessive, religious girl anymore?


“No, not really. I’ve learned to calm down.”


He let out a small chuckle.


“You know Elisa, you look a lot like my daughter Alex…Wait, wait, wait! Hold on. If you’re my daughter, then who’s Alexis?”


“Alexis? Is that the name of the girl you adopted?” Elisa asked.




“Hmm, that’s odd.”


“What’s odd?” Billie asked.


“It’s just that, I used to have a friend named Alexis. She lived with the street Punks that wonder around town. Said her parents abandoned her. I haven’t seen her in a while.”


“What did she look like?”


“Well, she looks a lot like me, only a little shorter and she has straight hair.”


“Oh no.”




“Your friend tricked me into adopting her.”




“Your friend is now my daughter.”


“But, how? Why”


 “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.”