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East Bay Boys

Billie's Forgotten Daughter
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Chapter 8

After Billie had said “good bye” and told them that he would be back soon, he went straight to the hospital. He had to make sure that Adrienne was alright and figure out what this girl Alexis was up to. When he arrived, he was met by one of the doctors.


“Mr. Armstrong?”




“I have some very disturbing news for you.”


“What is it? Adrienne! Is she okay?!”


“Yes, yes Adrienne’s fine. She made an amazing recovery.”


Billie let out a sigh of relief.


“It’s your daughter I’m concerned about.”




“Yes, come with me.”


The doctor led Billie down many hallways to a door that said “Security” on it. When they went in they were met by a security guard who was sitting in front of dozens of TVs.


“Ahh, Mr. Armstrong, welcome,” the guard said and shook his hand.




“I’m not pleased to inform you about a disturbing video I have.”


The guard picked up a tape and popped in the player. He pointed to which TV to watch.


It was a video of the room where Alexis was. She was just laying there. Then it showed Adrienne being rolled back into the room after being in the ER and all the doctors that were moving her from the stretcher to the bed. And then all the doctors and nurses left and everything seemed quiet again.


“Now here’s the disturbing part,” the doctor said to Billie.


Billie focused closely on the screen.


All of a sudden, Alexis lifted her head and looked around. She sat up, but clutched her side where her ribs had been broken. Then she slowly got up from her bed, walked around to Adrienne’s bed and began to unplug all of Adie’s IVs and her oxygen. Then, as quickly as she could went back to her bed and lied down. No sooner had she done that, had nurses come into the room to help Adie. Billie couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


“Why that little…!”


Billie began to yell using very colorful language in the process.


“Mr. Armstrong, I must ask you to keep it down. This IS a hospital, and these walls aren’t exactly sound proof,” the doctor said.




“Although, I do understand your anger. That’s why I brought you down here. Your daughter doesn’t know that we saw her done anything. I wanted to ask you what you think we should do about her.”


Billie was pacing the room in anger.


“Mr. Armstrong, did you hear me? What are we going to do about your daughter?”


Billie stopped pacing and looked at the doctor.


“She’s not my daughter. Not after tonight.”