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East Bay Boys

Billie's Forgotten Daughter
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Chapter 10

Suddenly the door burst open.




Five security guards came in the door and had Alexis at gun point.


“Don’t move! You are under arrest for attempted murder! Put your hands behind your behind your head and step away from the patient!”


Alexis froze.

“This can’t be happening!” she thought.


A guard came up and handcuffed her and led her out the door.  She was looking down until she saw a familiar pair of black, dress shoes. Billie was leaning against the wall, just outside the room.


“Dad! You’re not going to let them take me are you?! I’m your daughter! You said you were always going to be there for me!”


But Billie just looked at her.


“You…are no daughter of mine.”


Alexis gave him a hateful look, and the guards led her away. Billie sighed and went back into the room. A nurse was already in there putting the IV back into Adie’s wrist.


“She’s going to be fine,” the nurse said.


“Thanks,” Billie said, but he had no idea why he said it.


 When the nurse left, Billie sat down on a chair next to Adrienne’s bed.


“Oh Adie, it would have killed me if I had lost you.”


The heart monitor skipped a beat. Billie smiled and kissed Adrienne on the lips.


“Nothing is ever going to come between us again. I’ll make sure of that.”