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A couple of days later, Alexis confessed to everything she had done to the authorities. She said that she had been jealous of Elisa because she had a mom and had the ability to call Billie Joe Armstrong her dad. Alexis also said that she got some of her street friends to help her get into the concert where she had met Billie, and they helped her create the “accident” that happened with Billie’s car. She said it was to make her look “angelic.” The rest was a plan she made using information Elisa had told her while they were friends.

Alexis was sentenced to juvenal detention until she was eighteen. Then she would be transferred to the state prison where she would serve twenty-five years. If she was let out of prison on parole, she was given a restraining order so she could not get near Billie, his family, or anyone in his band. Billie put Alexis up for adoption; even though he knew that by the time she got out of the “big house,” there wouldn’t be a point in her getting adopted. He didn’t want to be related to anyone who wanted to kill his wife.

 Billie Joe took his family to see Lily and Elisa, but only after he had a DNA test done. Despite everything Lily had told him the night that he met Elisa, he didn’t want another bad experience like that to ever happen to him again. Adrienne and Lily became good friends, and so did Joseph and Jakob to Elisa.

Of coarse everyone was happy to know that everyone was still alive, especially the Green Day fans. A year after all the mess, Green Day released another album that got more popularity than American Idiot. Billie wasn’t sure who to thank in his speech when he and the rest of the Green Day band got up to receive their fifth Grammy, which happened to be Album of the Year. All he had to say was this:


“I would like to thank everyone, especially the fans, who were physically and spiritually supporting me last year. Without you, we couldn’t have made this album, much less, make it into the success it has been. Thank you. You’ve really helped.”


And he took a bow, and they left the stage leaving an immense roar of applause behind them. 

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