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East Bay Boys

Summer of '69
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Chapter 1~Tre

Ah. the breath of freedom. I am 18, and am finally leaving my parents house. I have no brothers or sisters, so I have no-one else to miss.

I was just finished packing up the rest of my boxes, when my mother shouted, " Adie, your taxis here!". I grabbed the last box and headed downstairs.

"thanks mom." I said.

" now that my little bird is leaving her nest of peace and freedom, I must pay more attention to detail." Sometimes I wonder if my mother was a hippie before I was born.

"I will miss you dearly, Adie."

"So will I mom"I said as I hugged her goodbye.

"I can still come and see you sometimes. After hours, or on weekends, and Ill phone every few days."

My mother tried to hide a tear going down her cheek, but I saw it before she could wipe it away.

" Alright then Darling. your fathers still finishing up at work, but you should go while your taxis still waiting for you." Sometimes I wonder at how cheesy my mothers jokes can be when she is upset.

As I got in the taxi, I waved back at her from the window.


After a hour of bad traffic my taxi reached my new apartment.

I had a roommate from this service called "Apartment Allies" my mother had signed me up for. So now, even though I didnt want a roommate, I was getting one, and I also heard had a bit of an ego.

As I got into the door with my key I looked around my new home. I was horrified.



The floor was covered in items from Socks to t.v. a remote. "oh hell" I thought. Then the phone rang.



Roommates POV

"Great! Im getting a roommate!" I thought enthusiastic. just then my pants got caught on my bike and I tumbled over my handlebars landing face first on the road. Then I blacked out.



Adies POV

I answered the phone:

"hello?" I said.

"uh who the hell are you, and why are you in my apartment?" The mans voice said.

"Because I live here now"

"O.k. whatever. Now listen. I've had a accident on my bike. I am now at the hospital, but Ill be home around 8:30. "

"yeah whatever. Any thing I should know about?"

" Only that there are giant cockroaches in the bedrooms."

I was pretty sure he was joking.

" O.k. then. later." I said and hung up before he could answer.


I was feeling kinda funny about this guy. "Holy shit!" I thought."I dont even now his name."

I sat down on the couch, and pushed the socks off, and turned on the t.v. to wait.


When he finally got home, I didnt get up.

" hello honey, I'm home" he said in a mocking voice.

I looked him over. he had sharp features, blue eyes with a thin bit of eye liner on. His hair was blonde, and he looked pretty cute.

"mhhh" I said through bite of my sandwich. I felt like slapping him for calling me "honey", And also because he seemed a little horny.

"Anyway, so I'm on my bike and I get my pant caught," I looked at the hem of his pants, which happened to be well ripped.

"...And I end up with the bar heading towards my-" I cut him off, Noting now that he was like a child that had wet his pants and was walking with his legs together, not wanting to admit it.

" where am I sleeping?" I asked.

"you dont want to hear my story?" he said, pouting.

"no" I said simply."Im tired and I want to go to bed."

"Fine then" He led me upstairs into a second bedroom.