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East Bay Boys

Summer of '69
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Chapter 2~Betsy

After he had shown me my room, I left to get my suitcase from downstair, but he followed me.

" my name is Tre Cool by the way." He said as he jumped in front of me on the stairs. For a second it looked as if he was going to fall of, but he got his balance and stuck out his hand.

I shook it and said,"Adie".

He ran down the remainder of the stairs and started screaming in a unusual high voice," we are going to have so much fun once you meet the boys!"

I stared at him for a moment not sure what he meant, then he glanced down at his pants and said,

" yes all four- I mean three of them!"

I shook my head, and walked back upstairs.

Next morning.

I got up, made coffee, and looked around the house, wondering if Tre had a computer. I found it and e-mailed my mom.

"having the time of my life so far, Adie" I said out loud as I wrote it.

Meanwhile Tre had gotten up, and was looking over my shoulder.

" The party just getting started baby!" he screamed making me jump.

" What the hell, Tre!" I screamed back.

" coffees ready." he said quietly.

I sighed, and went to get some breakfast.

As I ate my toast, we talked about what we had to do today.

"I have to go to a band practice" Tre said." you could meet Mike and Billie Joe!"

" alright." I agreed."what time?"

"we should leave in about an hour." He said seriously.


"Its 12:24, in case you didnt notice, slick."

"oh." I said."I didnt know it was that early"

"well, next time look at the clock when you get up. It makes life alot better when you dont miss work"He said walking off. Work! I had forgotten! Then I remembered it was Saturday.

I walked to my bathroom to take a shower, and locked the door.

I assumed Tre was also showering, because I heard a guy singing from the other room. Then I heard guitar, and then suddenly, the loudest sound I had ever heard came from his room. I wrapped a towel around my now unclothed body, and followed the sound. It was Tre. It was him beating on his drums like a maniac. Then I figured out what had bothered me. I generally liked rock music, but he was using the cymbals like there was no tomorrow. His back was turned to the window, so he couldnt see me in my towel. I left shaking my head, wondering what he would have done if he had saw me there. I imagined myself telling the police officer how he had raped me.

I took my shower and got dressed. Tre was still druming when I pulled on my jeans and striped shirt.

I walked into his room, and pulled the plug on the c.d. player that was suppling 40% of the din.

He looked around once the the music stoped and said,

"Ready to go then?"

"yes" I answered and dropped the plug to get my bag.

"Well have to walk, since my car broke down yesterday. Its not too far, honey"

I walked out of the door with him at my side gripping my arm.

"what the-" I said, but before I could Finnish one of the doors opened and a old lady came out with a broom.

Tre started running down the hall to the elevator.

"I can still see you young man.!" the old lady yelled."You can run but you cant hide!"

Once we got into the elevator, I looked at Tre."Who was that, your girlfriend?" I snickered.

"No shes way too old. That was Betsy. She doesn't like how I release my creativity."He said

I think Ill side with betsy for now. I said to myself.