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East Bay Boys

Summer of '69
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Chapter 4~The Littlest Punk

I went outside and sat on the step. I supposed it would take at least
ten minutes for my ride to get here, so I started to thing about what I
was doing with my life.
I was currently working at a nursing home, but planned to quit that job.
And then do what? I flicked my brown/red hair back off my shoulder and
looked down the street. Maybe I could work at that-
A man yelling interrupted me. He was calling to me from the neighbors
house and he looked like a Italian bomb.
What are you doing at that house? He asked in an accent.
I was surprised. I didnt think I looked that obvious sitting out on
Billie Joes porch.
uhhh... I started
You dont uuhhhh me little girl! Im your neighbor! No wonder what you're
up to all day, smoke coming from the basement window! Get out of my
sight, you little punk!
I was dumbstruck. Smoke? And he had called me a punk? I never though I
looked that punkish. Smoke? What where they smoking?
I ran back into the house, following the mans advice, who was still
glaring at me. Not just with his eyes, but with the pitchfork he had
been using on the garden. As I walked in the door I thought they had
probably been smoking pot. No wonder.
When I turned to the stairs I was blocked by a sober looking Billie Joe
coming up.
What are you doing? He asked. A puzzled look on his face.
Trying to go downstairs to find my purse. Im telling Tré Im going.
Why are you going. Oh... Uhh...A It wasnt me was it? look was plastered
on his face.
Im not a smoker. I never have been. The smoke bothers me, so Im getting
a ride home with a friend. Tré also bothers me, but I cant do anything
about that.I answered with a smile.
He smiled back .ahh... when he said this I realized how much alike we
looked. We where both short, had green eyes and the same shaped face. We
looked like brother and sister.
I shook myself back. He was handing me my purse.
Thanks. Its nothing to do with you, Its your neighbor. Just as he was
about to say something a car drove in front of the house. A familiar
Listen that my ride home, but call me at the appartment when Tré is
O.K.... Anything I can help with, Adie? He asked.
No, Im fine. Please call me Lily. Everybody does. Except Charlie, I
thought.Its a long story. It was nice meeting you
Bye then, Lily.
I ran out to the car, my new found purse slung on my shoulder.
Hey! Charlie said as I got in the car.
blahhh I said and collapsed into the seat as she drove home.
Im tired of delirious men. I added. I get away from the home on Friday,
and am met by three pot smoking drunken men on Saturday.
Pot smoking? my friend asked.
Im not certain, but Im pretty sure. I responded with a smile.
O.K. then. Maybe I should come with you then?
I laughed. Charlie was always up for a party. Especially with men.
Im sure they wouldnt mind. If they ever noticed. I said, thinking Tré
definitely wouldnt mind
We arrived at the appartment, and walked to the elevator, as I tried
remembering what floor I lived on.
Shit I said, taking my cell out and dialing  Billie Joes number I had
gotten before I left.
It rang, and then a mans voice came through.
Billie Joe? Its Lily. I said.
Uh yeah. do you need help with anything?
I wondered why he was being so protective.
Uh what floor do I live on. I said feeling foolish. I heard three men
bursting into laughter and what sounded like Tré falling on the floor.
Billie Joes voice came back to me, still wheezing as I realized he had
me on speaker phone.
(Wheeze) Lily,(wheeze) you are(wheeze) so (wheeze) FUNNY!!! He gasped
again still laughing and dropped the phone and collapsed on the floor
with Tré.
I hung up and pressed 3.