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East Bay Boys

Summer of '69
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Chapter 5~for the sake of the general public.

Once we got into the apartment, I gave Charlie a quick tour of the
When we got to Trés drumming room, as he called it, She went in and sat
in the chair in front of the kit.
Wow this is a great setup he has here. She said. She had taken drumming
lessons a year ago, but had later quit.
And did you say he has a band? She asked me.
Yeah I answered.Its called Green Day.
Oh my god! Are you serious? She screamed.
Yeah. do you know them?
No, She said.But I've heard of them.
Sheesh! My friend knows more about my roommate than I do! I said.
The house phone rang and I went to pick it up, leaving Charlie in the
drum room.
Hello? I said as I answered it.
Hey Lily its Billie Joe.
Oh hi. Is the maniac coming home? Should I kick my party people and the
stripper out?I asked.
He laughed.No and yes and no. Hes too drunk to come home, mike got here
by bus, and Im too lazy. You may want to wrap up your party, but leave
the stripper for Tré.
Alright. so what are you going to do with him, I thought.
I can  pick him up I offered.
No you cant. you walked here. He reminded me.
Oh yeah. What are you going to do with him then?
Well, He started, but didnt answer. Then,
Uhhh I really gotta go. He just found the cooler downstairs and is
chugging back another one.
Alright. Ill let him stay over for a sleepover then I told him, sounding
like Trés mother.
That might be a good idea. He answered.You know, its a really good
thing, for all of us including the general public mind, that you got him
as a roommate. Hes under more control than we can offer him.
Again, sounding like my father. Or my stepfather, I thought, as my birth
parents had divorced when I was a baby.
Yeah well I better go then. I feel sorry for Mike. Billie Joe told me.
O.K. bye. I hung up the phone and walked back upstairs to where I had
left my friend.
She was beating up the drums like a typhoon, and I was almost worried
she would brake them.
Holy turds Charlotte, hold on before Tré has a heart attack because you
touched his lover!
She stuck out her tongue at me for calling her by her real name.
She put down the sticks anyway and got up asking,
What else do you got?
Well, I told her. We have an overexcited neighbor that beats Tré up with
a broom... and lots of food.
Awsome. I better get going now. I have to head over to the home. theyre
having dancing tonight, and Maria asked me to help her. You know how
difficult it can get...
Charlie had worked at sunnyview also, but had a more involved position
than me.
I wonder why she didnt ask me. I thought aloud.
I dont know. maybe she thinks you are incompetent because of the
drinking that went on last Friday... She said with a grin.
Yes, well I wouldnt be talking I said as I led her downstairs.

After I had seen her off, I sat down at the computer and clicked on
Internet Explorer. came up and I typed in find your own family tree and
pressed enter.
Several items came up, and I clicked on one.
A brown awful looking site came up.
Ewww I said, and clicked the back button.
Before I had time to make another choice, the door bell rang and I got
I looked in the peephole and saw a delivery man looking quite scared.
Then I saw an old woman come at him at an amazing speed for a 80
something year old, and wholly him with a broom.
I went back to the computer thinking hed come back, but the door bell
rang again.
This time when I looked through the door, I was greeted with a black
haired man with a piece of pink paper that he was holding arms reach
away from him.
I opened the door greeting him.
Hey what are you doing here? I thought you where watching Tré? I asked.
Oh yeah never mind him. Listen. I found this tacked to your door. Here.
I took the paper from Billie Joe relievingly. Odviously the pink was
affecting his punkiness.
I read aloud the official looking paper
Notice of complaint: To the owner of appartment 311.
We have received complains of loud noises coming from your room. We
recommend you receive warning and take in the effects your establishment
has asked of you.
What the hell does that mean? I asked Billie, but he simply shrugged.