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Summer of '69
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Chapter 6~Cosmo guy

Lillian Nesser put her pen down a little harder than she had planned
She was getting fed up of writing, and now she was getting a headache.
It was a warm summer afternoon. A peaceful one if you make note that her
roommate was at a bar.
She was trying to write an exercise that had been recommended by her
writing school. She had to put down her life in that day in first
person, using another name. She had used her sister only related by
marriage in the first place but closer to her than any sister she could
have had., Adrienne, as a substitute. But her head was starting to hurt
and she couldnt concentrate anymore. All she had written had happened to
her and she was surprised her first days in the new apartment didnt come
back to her as easy as she had hoped. She rubbed her head and got up to
get an Advil. She swallowed the pill with the aid of some water, and sat
down to write again:

Once he sat down, Billie looked around in amazement. Lily recited as she
This seemed a little odd. I've never been to Trés apartment yet. It took
me a minute to realize why. then I remembered what I had discovered that
morning. I had been looking for Trés in his room when I stumbled about
something interesting. A pair of lacey panties, odviously not my
friends, although I had discovered a clue earlier that made me, for a
moment, think otherwise.
He has a girlfriend, I thought. It struck my heart. I had been almost
starting to like him. More than I liked Billie or Mike or Charlotte. A
different like.
I closed my eyes and left the room.
I came back to the present, and to Billie who was observing my daydream
with interest.
Gonna come back to my Lily? He asked.
Oh yeah I just remembered something important.
He looked suspicious. What? he asked raising an eyebrow in the look I
knew so well, even though I had only met him today.
Nothing. I told him. not wanting to reveal the real reason that I felt a
tear forming in my eye.
Alright, well anyway, I need to tell you something.

Lily put down the pen once more, and this time didnt pick it up again.
Instead she got up to go to bed, but the words Billie had told her stuck
in her mind.
I recognized your name when I heard it. He had said.
Then the realization sunk in and she had to clasp the chair next to her.
They where related. This meant so much to her. More than It had meant
with Adrienne.
She staggered up the stairs to pull some pajamas on, but didnt feel like
She went into her bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. The thought
of Trés came back to her. Did she really like him? She had known him not
two days, and she already liked him?
A tear trickled down her cheek, smudging her eyemake-up.
She wiped the tear and got back in bed, thinking still about her friend.
She resolved to go back to her mothers the next day to find out just how
she was related to Billie.

She woke up that morning still tired, but awake. She went into the
kitchen, but saw that Tré had come but from last night and her heart
skipped a beat.

Just walk in and walk out,. her head said.

She walked to the fridge, grabbed two slices of bread and popped them in
the toaster. while she was waiting she sat down in front of Tré. After a
minute he stopped reading what I thought might have been Cosmo, and
looked at me seriously. She almost wailed.
Do these pants make me look fat? he said.
The toaster dinged. Lily got up making sure her fist collided with his
arm in a menacing fashion.
Do they?
No, but they make your butt look real huge.
AHHHHH! He ran out of the room, upstairs, which was quite a sight
considering he was a grown man. Or at least looked like one.
After breakfast he came down again and poked his head around the corner
of the wall.
Im gonna go see Betsy okay? He asked.
Sure, She said thinking that might not be a good idea. What are you
Nothing. NO! I mean nothing strange. Lily clutched her chest, pretending
to have a heartattack, but really trying to lure him into view.
Ahhh! He said, rushing into the room. She took the camera off the table
thinking to take a picture, but dropped it when she saw him.
He was wearing a pink body suit, completely covered in tinsel. With a
wand. And a crown.
Holy Shit, Tré!