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Summer of '69
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Chapter 7~Trebus

Later in the day Lily decided she needed to get things cleared up. But she had a problem. Tre didnt have a car.

"Cool! Get your ass down here!" She yelled into the depths of the apartment.

He ran down quickly, hoping for at least a lap dance.

"Yes Miss ?" He answered, standing at attention.

"I need to get to my mother's house but there is no car, and Its too far to walk."

"Ill carry you then!" Tre said back exitedly.

Lily rolled her eyes. "No, I have to either bus, or bike. Which do you recommend."

"I recommend Trebus m'am."

"Alright Ill bike." Lily decided.

"Ohhh..." Tre said as she walked away.

Lily went into her closet, gathered up some clothes, and went into the bathroom not remembering to lock the door.

"SHIT! YOU LITTLE FUCKER!" She screamed at the eyes that peered at her when she had took her shirt off. The girl ran after her roommate with only her bra and jeans on.


She stomped back into the bathroom, locking the door and getting in the shower this time without any interruptions.

Tre smiled. As much as he respected Lily he couldnt help himself. He walked downstairs and turned the T.v. on. It came to a movie channel that was on a commercial, so he got up and looked in the fridge. It was practically empty, so he decided to go out later to get groceries. He walked back to the couch and immediately saw that it was a Disney movie channel, showing Mulan.

"Why does my reflection show?" He sang along. Able to hit a high c, his rather unmanly voice was no problem for him.


Lily got into the elevator after her shower and smiled at the sad looking face that peeked around the door of her apartment door. She blinked as she stepped out into the sunlit garage, searching for the bike Tre had locked up for her. She just hoped it had been locked up and not knocked up. The girl winced at the half pun of saying "Knocked up" when talking about her roommate. She saw her bike, unlocked it, and got on.

Lily got to her mothers house fifteen minutes later, and went down the familiar steps of the walkway where she knocked on the door. It opened and she saw her stepfathers face smiling at her.

"Hello Lily." He said, hugging her."Wait till your mother comes and youd wished you hadnt been here." He added with a wink.

They walked into the house and her mother lept up and hugged her.

"Oh Lillian!"

Her stepfather sat in a chair behind them, and started to read the paper.

"Oh darling! Its so nice to have you back! Adrienne is even here too. She went up to her room.".

Because of theyre age diference, Lily hadn't got along with her half sister too well, until they grew up, and both being lonely teenagers bonded quite well.

"Have a seat" Her mother said. The daughter did, choosing a wicker chair next to her stepfather.

"I think we really need to talk." Lily said. Her stepfather started to get up to give them privacy, but Lily looked at him and he got the message that he was wanted to stay.

"Alright then dear what abou-" But she was cut off.

"Mom!" Adriennes voice yelled from upstairs. "Theres a problem!"

"What dear?"

"Remember that candle I was burning?"

"Yes dear what about it..."


Lily heard a the horrible sound of fire and ran upstairs to her sisters room.

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