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Latest News
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The Green Days of Christmas: The Holiday Tribute to Green Day    10/22/07

Yep, there's going to be a Green Day Christmas album. I do not yet know when it is going to be available, but of course it's going to be in stores in time for the holidays.

Billie Joe's new message on global warming
I just heard that Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace Prize for his
work in the fight against global warming. I think it's great
that this issue is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
It's becoming a part of our everyday lives. People aren't just
talking about it, we're really starting to live it. And I feel
that Al Gore has been very influential in bringing this into the
mainstream. Kudos to you, Al Gore. Please do your part to help
stop global warming by telling Congress to pass tough global
warming legislation:


Billie Joe Armstrong
Green Day + NRDC

P.S. You can read more about Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize

More lack of updates
Sorry again:(  This time I missed reporting the appearance(sp) of Green Day in the Simpsons movie and there rocked out version of the Simpsons theme song. Hmm, what else??? Well, I suppose the nomination of Green Day and U2 for the next MTV awards is good news. I'll post again later to give more details. 

OMG, I haven't updated in forever, so let's have a recap. Well, to begin with, I missed Mike Dirnt's 35th birthday, so I apologize for that. Green Day also put out the John Lennon cover song "Working Class Hero," and they performed it on American Idol. The music video has also been released. And lastly (although, I'm sure I missed something) Green Day is also putting out a signature Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt. I hope I got the main events, but if I find something I missed, I'll posted it.

Lack of updates
Sorry, there really hasn't been anyting going on, so I apologize for the lack of up dates. I know people have been sending stuff to be posted, but I haven't ckecked my email in forever, so I'm going to try and get those up really soon.

Happy Birthday Billie Joe Armstrong   2/17/07


Happy 35th birthday Billie Joe!!!!!
Sorry I didn't get this up sooner. I was kind of sick:(

Grammys  2/12/07

Sorry, to say that Green Day and U2 did not win a Grammy last night. But at least the Red Hot Chili Pepppers got the award instead. I think they deserve it:)

Happy New Year!!!!
Happy 2007!!!! May the greatest memories be made this year:)

Grammy Nomination    12/22/06
        Sorry for the late news. Green Day and U2 recieved a Grammy nomination for The Saints Are Coming. The Grammys will air in February.