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Here's the newly added Old Articles page. Here, you can find past articles that were on the Latest News page.

Happy Birthday Tre Cool!!
Yep, today is our very own Tre Cool's birthday. Warning: Green Day will be doing some MAJOR PARTYING tonight, lol, so be on the lookout for that if you're in the Oakland area. So happy 34rd birthday Tre and may you have many more!

Green Day has set up a website to promote better energy and the reduction of oil. They have asked for people to sign the petition that is on the site. Check it out for yourself. Just click the icon:

1039 SOSH/Kerplunk
Always wanted 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours or Kerplunk but could never find them?  Well here's you chance to get them.  Green Day's first two albums will be re-released on the Reprise record label December 19.

Happy Birthday Adrienne!
Yes, today is Mrs. Armstrong's birthday, and if I have my facts right, she'd 37 today.  Happy Birthday and may you have many more years to come:)

Green Day/U2 Performance
Green Day and U2 will be performing tomorrow for the pre-game show of the Saints vs. Falcons NFL game.   The pre-game will air on TV on ESPN at around 6:00pm central, game starts at 7:30pm central.

Today is the 5th anniversary of that fateful day. I wish the best for all the families who lost someone, and I hope nothing like that ever happens again.

Billie's Dad
Today is the anniversary of the death of Billie's dad. Billie, I wish you well today, and all of your fans do too.

U2 and Green Day
U2 and Green Day will be recording a song together to benefit the city of New Orleans. See Green Day's official site for more details.

Green Day lost to AFI for Best Rock Video at the VMAs last Thursday.

Green Day Back in the Studio
Yay, the news we've all been waiting to hear. Green Day is officially back in the studio and they are working on their new album. For more info:

Hand Like a Heart Grenade
If anyone remembers a certain documentary called Hand Like a Heart Grenade by John Roecker, it should be coming out in early 2007.

VMA's Are Here Again
Okay people, the VMA's are here again and Green Day was nominated again. Go forth and VOTE:

MTV 25 Years
Green Day was featured on MTV's list of music videos from the past 25 years. I myself was disappointed. They didn't even mention Green Day in the 90's section when they first came out and were really big. They chose "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" for 2005 and of coarse, it was played last. I'm beginning to think MTV holds grudges.

Vh1 classic
If you didn't catch Green Day's performance on Vh1 classic last friday, the Green Day Authority is going to post the performance on there video player, so you can catch it there. Edit Text

Green Day was number one again on the F-list's "It's a Live" for the music video "St. Jimmy." Edit Text

Happy Anniversary!
OMG! I can't believe I forgot! Yesterday, 7/2/06 was Billie and Adrienne's 12th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to you both, and may you have many more! I asure you that there will now be a Important Dates column. Edit Text

Green Day was number 1 on Fuse's F-list, "All American." Edit Text

Yet again, we in a slow period
Sorry there hasn't been any updates in a long while. News is running slow again. Edit Text

Album Production
There's a new article from Vh1 about Green Day's current projects like the new album and American Idiot the movie. Read here. Edit Text

Top 25
Green Day was # 5 on Kerrang Magazine's Top 25 Bands in our Lifetime list. Edit Text

Back to Work
Looks like Green Day is back working, or at least that's what they said on their website. We are not really sure what exactly they are working on though for they just named them as "cool projects". Read article from Vh1 HERE. Edit Text

New Book
The new version of the book "Green Day: American Idiots & the New Punk Explosion " has been released in the US. I'll have more info for you later.
Go to Rolling Stone magazine's homepage and vote Green Day-American Idiot as the most influential album!
Happy Birthday Mike!
Happy 34th Birthday Mike Dirnt, the greatest bassest ever! May you have many more:) 

Slow Point
*sigh* not much going on in the news department. I guess finally, Green Day is at the slow point.
Kids Choice Awards
Sorry for the wait. Green Day won the Kids Choice Award for Best Group and Favorite Song for Wake Me Up When September Ends.