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This page is for questions you (the fans) have asked me about the site.

This one goes out to Andrew S.
Question: Where did you get your pointer?
Answer: If you're on Tripod then you will see at the bottom of your screen there is a toolbar for editing your site. If you click on "Site Add Ons", You will get a page with all sorts of stuff you can put on your site. The pointer is under the "Cool Content" catagory. But if you're not on Tripod, I can't help you really. I'm not a web buff.
Question: Is Billie Joe and Tre Cool bisexial? Its so hot if they are,
I`d LUV to see both of them together Naked! Plez email me ur answer and
some pics of the band! LUV,  Greenday`s

Answer: I don't really know, but I don't believe they are. They both have kids, so it doesn't really matter what they're sexuality is now.


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