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East Bay Boys

Some Questions for GD

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Some Questions for GD
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If the band (Green Day) ever sees this...

Questions/statements from the Fans:
*can i get a hug and a autographs?
*Why did u guys disapear from Lydia and I!?!? if u read
this.. Email me guys! or call Lydia Love u!
*Is Billie Joe and Tre Cool bisexial? Its so hot if they are,
I`d LUV to see both of them together Naked! Plez email me ur answer and
some pics of the band!LUV,  Greenday`s
(I don't think this is a question for the band. It's directed more at me. I'll answer you question in the Q&A section)
This isn't a question, but an answer to the one above. Billie Joe
IS bisexual, he said so in an interview once. As for Tre... Who knows?
(Whoever sent this to me, email me, and if this is one of my friends from Geek Stink Breath pm me. I wish to challenge this answer, lol)
*your the network, admit it.
*Tre, Where's your lost nut? Oh sorry. Family site?
(No problem with your question. If it's something you want to ask Tre, by all means, you ask him. Of coarse there are probably a few questions I wouldn't post here, but yours is fine)
*Tre, how big is your............ shoe... size...? *cough* XD
*when does the new album is gonna be out!!!! plis i need to
*Questions?: Billie Joe, umm.... would you please desert your wife and
kids to come and marry me? please? oh wait... no. proly not going to
happen, but your just so.... wounderful. MUCH LUV!!@ :>

*what is the towns bishop?
*does green day have a msn?
  Do you have an Msn?
(I'm not sure if Green Day has an Msn, and as for me, I don't either:) sorry.)
*For crying out loud Mike, what's with you and Brain Stew?
*green day cool
(not a question, but okay)
*why is tre so fucking hot?
*Hey. Billie Joe and the rest of the BAND. I LOVE u so much
do u have html or something that i can talk to u with plez let me know
(I don't think you can talk with html.)
*will u ever have a band tour in Adelaide South Australia?
*i talked 2 billiejoe once (i'm not lie'n)
(Well, that's not a question but VERY interesting!!)
*How do ya FREAKIN' meet Green Day?!LUV the emotion 'n'
u,Billie Joe!!!Oh,and....what's the lastest Green Day contest?THEY
*why did you make the song american idiot
*will you make a nother cool song called  comin
*Hey Tre`! I want to say that your sooo cool and Ioove you!
Please e-mail me at
*ever fallen off stage????!!!
*Will the band come 2 Florida???
*When will they have another concert?
*hey Billie Joe would you guys ever make anoter album... i
would appreciate it...please type me back.. and oh yah people should not
make fun of u because ur biesexual.//peace out!!!
*Questions?: hey billie joe i have a gibson as well,and i was just wondering why peole always make fun of u beacause your biesexual?.... Later

These are some questions/statements I would like to ask/tell Green Day if I ever met them. I'm sure there will be more. 
*Hey Billie Joe, ever thought of hosting Saturday Night Live?
*Why doesn't the band come to all the major cities in a state?
*I wonder why the Disney Channel didn't advertise Green Day's song on the "Cars" soundtrack?
*The music channels need to show more of the old Green Day documentary shows like "Behind the Music" and "Diary."
*What was behind the whole "Church on Sunday" song? It seems so unlike Billie to write something like that.
*Why doesn't someone put Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and Aerosmith's "Dream On" together? I was listining to the radio and "BoBD" was playing, but the signal was bad so I also heard "Dream On" playing too. I thought it sounded cool, especially when I lost the signal and "Dream On" faded into the ending of BoBD.
*Hey Guys, may I have your autographs? Email me too please. Just kidding...about the emailing I mean.

Have any questions you would like to add to the list?