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Top 20 Books


Here's a whole list of authors that I've read. Please note, I only include authors that I read on my own free-will on the top 20 list.  But if I think the author is good, they will be listed here.

Mitch Albom


Octavia E. Butler


Robert Cormier


Alex Flinn


S.E. Hinton


Dylan Jones


Ron Koertge


Kathe Koja


C. Drew Lamm


Julius Lester


Lois Lowry


Rett MacPherson


Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Norma Fox Mazer


Graham McNamee


Stephenie Meyer


Jaye Murray


Joan Lowery Nixon


George Orwell


Amelia Atwater Rhodes


J.K. Rowling


J.D. Salanger


Darren Shan


Danielle Steel


John Steinbeck


Miriam R. Stone


S.D. Tower